Beginners Shooters Training Class

This Course is designed for a First Time Shooter.  This course is 1 hour long.  You will get 20 minutes class time and 40 minutes range time.

Class Time will include:

  • Understanding of Safety First
  • Understanding of how to handle a firearm
  • Teach to load and unload a firearm safely
  • Teach sight alignment and hand grip
  • Teach how to buy the right ammunition for their firearm

Range Time:

  • You will shoot at different distances - targets are provided.

Ammunition & firearm are incuded in the class price.  You will shoot approximately 100 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition for the class.

Class is $25 per shooter.

This cost includes targets, ammo, gun rental, and eye and ear protection.

This class is by appointment ONLY!

Please call ahead and make an appointment. Phone (937) 898-3711